Marion Brown

Marion Brown has been making a feminist difference for women for at least the past 30 years, in fact for her whole working life.

She began through her work as a lawyer at The Women’s Legal Resource Centre where she advised women, including Aboriginal women, on legal issues relating to family law, family violence, sexual assault, and housing. Later she served on the Board of Dymphna House, an incest counselling service set up by feminists, where she took on advisory, management, and mentoring roles.

Hannah Wandel

Hannah Wandel founded Country to Canberra in July 2014 to provide educational and leadership opportunities for young women in rural areas. It has been pivotal in encouraging these women to spread the message of gender equality, particularly in leadership roles, across Australia.

Country to Canberra hosts a dedicated blogger team of young women, allowing them a platform to discuss key issues and showcase their talents.

End Rape On Campus Australia

End Rape On Campus (EROC) Australia is a grassroots organisation run by volunteer students and sexual assault survivors. It demands the right of all Australians, especially women, to receive an education free of sexual violence and free of the fear of sexual violence.


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