Jozefa Sobski


Throughout her professional and voluntary career Jozefa Sobski has vigorously and effectively pioneered the elimination  of sex discrimination in the national education system, and led feminist campaigns in education and social policy.

Brought up in a migrant hostel, Jozefa has been a teacher, non-sexist education adviser to NSW Ministers, TAFE  Director, and Deputy Director-General of NSW Education. She used these positions, and her membership of many voluntary organisations, to promote programs to achieve equal education outcomes for girls and women, and create  opportunities for marginalised communities through education and training.

Since retirement Jozefa has campaigned against TAFE privatisation and the reduction of women’s courses. Under Jozefa’s leadership the Jessie Street National Women’s Library became a signifcant research centre. As convenor of the Women’s Electoral Lobby, NSW, Jozefa was instrumental in the campaign to save women’s refuges.  

By her far-sighted advocacy of reform  in both education and the wider society, Jozefa has made a feminist difference.